Stealth Edition Playing Cards by MPC Impressions

Black Playing Cards, MPC Impressions

"The MPC Impressions Stealth Edition Playing Cards is a special black themed deck with raised UV ink printed on each card face, providing a whole new experience on touching and feeling the artwork on the cards, as well as playing this deck."

Also available in "Phantom" White.

Skull Egg Shaper

Skull Egg Mold, Skull Egg Shaper, Skull Eggs, Funny Side Up

Start your day with a fried side of fun! Funny Side Up is a handy frame that shapes and molds two eggs into attractive egg art. Just place the mold in your frying pan, crack two eggs into the rings, and soon you'll have a breakfast buddy to hang out with! It's two eggs, funny side up.

Hover Camera

Hover Camera is the first autonomous flying camera of its kind that's truly safe, portable, and easy-to-use.

Hover Camera, Selfie Drone, Small Drone, zero zero robotics

"Hover Camera is a small self-flying drone packed with a 13MP camera sensor, 4K video capabilities, and has the ability to follow you around as you walk or run indoors and out. The super lightweight drone has four propellers housed in carbon fiber cages, measures about 7 inches square and 1 inch thick, weighs about 8 ounces (means it won’t have to be registered with the FAA), and when not in use, it folds to roughly the size of a VHS video cassette."

Volvo Life Paint

LifePaint is a unique water based reflective safety spray brought to you by VOLVO Cars. Invisible by daylight, it glows brightly in direct glare of car headlights. Making the invisible, visible. LifePaint washes off, and will not damage the colour or the surface of your chosen material, lasting more than a week of normal usage.

Volvo, Life Paint, Reflective Spray Paint

"LifePaint can be used in all sorts of ways. Please note that it works best on textile materials. Applied to clothes, shoes, helmets, pushchairs and children's backpacks - even dog leads and collars."

KillSpencer - Athletics Collection

We have posted about KILLSPENCER before and proudly endorse their reputable leather goods.  The latest introduction to their lineup is a beautifully crafted collection of vintage inspired products for sports such as basketball, boxing, soccer, and football.  

Check out the rest of the lineup here!

Triton Gills

A state of the art oxygen respirator that allows you to breathe underwater by utilizing ‘artificial gills’ technology.

Triton Gills, artificial gills, Breathe underwater, oxygen respirator

"With Triton there’s no heavy equipment, complicated safety procedures or training. It's easy to use, and no longer than a snorkel. Gently bite into the mouthpiece, breathe normally, and enjoy a sense of underwater freedom unavailable until now. Just imagine exploring gin-clear waters, alongside tropical fish, without bulky equipment or having to surface for air."

Triton Gills, artificial gills, Breathe underwater, oxygen respirator

Triton employs cutting-edge technology to produce ‘artificial gills’. The Microporous Hollow Fiber makes breathing underwater possible.

The holes of the threads are smaller than water molecules, they keep water out and let oxygen in. The micro compressor then extracts and stores the oxygen – allowing you to breathe naturally and revel in your underwater freedom.

Darth Vador Wood Burner

Hand made in the UK by Burned by Design

The "You & Me" Ping Pong Table by DPAGES

Ping Pong Table, DPAGES, Furniture Design

Whether you are a ping pong pro, or a hobbyist at heart, the You And Me Ping Pong Table offers the high quality needed for a proper game of table tennis with all the style and versatility necessary for a flawless melding with its surrounds. When not in use, the table's sporty features of net, paddles and balls can be tucked neatly away into an integrated drawer, rendering the table's surface perfect for dining, conferencing or just about anything in between.  With attention to detail and refined aesthetics, the You And Me weathers indoor and outdoor use with grace. In exterior applications we recommend a shady location and protective cover for the black table option. Each table comes complete with net, paddles and balls.

Ping Pong Table, DPAGES, Furniture Design


"Perhaps you need a little boost in creativity or focus, or you need to de-stress a bit.  Maybe you're in search of a gift that lasts forever or want to compare weight and touch different metals.  or you just like a bit of competition or you love minimalist art.  Engineers, kids, designers, collectors... no matter how old, how wise, and how smart you become there will be something in it for you forever." 

Forever Spin, spinning top, Toy design, adult toy,

Silver Cigarette Case from VETEMENTS

Metal Cigarette Case, Silver, black cigarettes, vetements

Bexar Goods Co. for Apple Watch

All straps are precisely cut from 4 ounce Saddle Stitched American Bridle Leather and accompanied by Apple Watch hardware lugs which come in three different finishes to match your watch model: Space Grey, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel.

Rick Owens Skate Deck

"Handcrafted out of petrified wood, this one-off skateboard deck, custom made by the Rick Owens team is a truly luxe way to travel. Due to the delicate nature of this item it is a display piece only, skating is not advised."

Vim Beget

"We believe in the process. The means by which you create is of equal importance as the final result. Any step in the process that can be done with our hands, should and will be. Each ring is separately hand-woven into a strand of chain. Leather is hand-braided, dyed and sewn. Rings and cuffs hand filed and formed. Resulting in a quality piece unique to itself."


"In a world where jewelry has been dulled down by spineless herds of yes-men and clueless corporations, Rogue DZN dares to create groundbreaking works of art in unprecedented fashion. Through bold acts of imagination, creativity and engineering is expertly transformed from a mere thought to a striking reality."

Rogue DZN, Titanium Jewelry, military grade, bracelet

The materials used by Rogue DZN do not lie. They're not like anything you've seen before. They're not cast or plated. They're not following any trend ever attempted before. What you receive are the raw and uncompromising properties of the atomic number 22. All jewelry is machined from billet block, Military Spec. G5 aerospace grade titanium, one of the strongest and most durable materials on the planet; a material commonly used to build space crafts, air crafts, naval ships, armor plating and surgical implants. Designed with the same software used to create The US military's F22 and the joint strike fighter, every millimeter of every curve is obsessively perfected in 3D space, a feat impossible to achieve by hand. Due to subtle harmonics in machining, each Rogue DZN piece has its own unique fingerprint and is individually serial numbered."

Black Playing Cards

from MollaSpace design available at Alex&Chloe

Black Playing Cards, molla space design, alex and chloe