Rad Horani

Inspiring words from the man himself explaining his vision for a world of truly timeless, unisex outerwear:  

Rad Horani, androgynous Fashion, lookbook

"I started imagining clothes the same way I started creating images: with a sense of curiosity and innocence driven by my no backgorund background.  No school.  No teachers.  No telly.  No boundaries.  No formatting.  I like the idea of a world that we could live and shape by ourselves, only by observing.  Each our own.  My clothes have erupted from this world of mine.  They are asexual, aseasonal, they come from no place, no time, no tradition, yet they could be home anywhere, anytime.  They exude a sense of discreet chic, the essence of timeless colors.  Sophisticated unisex modern classics for anti-conformist individuals."

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