Interview with Rick Owens

Rick Owens - interview magazine

"When I think of an avant-garde, I picture an actual forward patrol—a pack of medieval knights or a lone, hooded scout gone on ahead of the main encampment, pioneers exposed to a rough frontier and unknown elements out there on the horizon, laying down an advance base and making a safe place for others who may follow in their footsteps. Maybe I'm too literal. Or maybe I have this picture because I so closely associate forward-thinking with Rick Owens that, in the nearly 20 years that I have known him, Owens has become, for me, a metonym for avant-garde-ness, filling the term with all of his slouchy Druid aesthetics and monkish ethics. "

Rick Owens - interview magazine

"...his life is basically a scaffolding of steel will upholstered in sable fur."

Amber Ambrose Aurèle

Amber Ambrose Aurele - Shoe Design

Amber Ambrose Aurèle is known for her sky-high heels that explore the boundaries of fashion and art.  She holds MA's in Shoe Design and Art History from ArtEZ Arnhem and the University of Amsterdam. 

She has a firm belief her art requires interdisciplinary research which explores new fields in every collection that showcases a "sweet and twisted" perspective that combines fine handwork techniques with innovative technology like 3D printing.

Shoes are made to order and available through the Amber Ambrose Aurèle web site.

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"The pilot flight-suit prototype that we have developed truly represents both of our brands and, more importantly, will ensure comfort, functionality and support for the pilots of the world's first commercial space flights," said Y-3 senior design director Lawrence Midwood.

Astronauts piloting Virgin Galactic's commercial space flights will suit-up in these one-piece uniforms by Yohji Yamamoto under his Adidas collaboration brand Y-3.

The all-in-one navy flight suit is made from a heat-resistant synthetic material called Nomex Meta Aramid, which is woven using a 3D-engineered pattern.

Yiqing Yin Fall 2012

Yiqing Yin Fall 2012, lookbook

Born in China, Yiqing Yin has developed an aesthetic that, in her own words, "protects and reinforces."  She states that her garments embody the characteristics of "a second skin and a supple armour.  Examining the dynamic potential of pleats, she imagines structures which are never fixed, shapes that are always in mutation."

Rad Horani

Inspiring words from the man himself explaining his vision for a world of truly timeless, unisex outerwear:  

Rad Horani, androgynous Fashion, lookbook

"I started imagining clothes the same way I started creating images: with a sense of curiosity and innocence driven by my no backgorund background.  No school.  No teachers.  No telly.  No boundaries.  No formatting.  I like the idea of a world that we could live and shape by ourselves, only by observing.  Each our own.  My clothes have erupted from this world of mine.  They are asexual, aseasonal, they come from no place, no time, no tradition, yet they could be home anywhere, anytime.  They exude a sense of discreet chic, the essence of timeless colors.  Sophisticated unisex modern classics for anti-conformist individuals."

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